Is all tutoring done on site at 2250 Bloor Street West?

Yes. All tutoring is done on site. Tutoring is most effective when done outside the home. There are fewer distractions and a more academic atmosphere which makes the sessions much more productive. As well, there is access to all the resources of High Park Academy.

Can tutoring sessions include help with homework?

Of course. Tutoring sessions can include test preparation, assignment support and any academic help the student needs. We do not rely on any prepared programs or scripts.

How often does tutoring take place?

Students can come once a week, or once a month, or five times a week. Although regular tutoring is the most effective, students can come whenever they need help. The vast majority of students come regularly, once a week for a one-hour or two-hour session.

Are the credits you offer recognized by the Ministry of Education?

Absolutely, The online high school credits we offer are exactly the same credits a student would earn in any Ontario bricks and mortar school. The Ontario Ministry of Education monitors online schools carefully to ensure that all the standards and expectations of the Ontario Secondary School Curriculum are met.

Does a student need the permission of their home school to take a credit with High Park Academy?

No. Any student can take any high school credit with us at any time

Does a student need to sign up for a tutoring package with a Credit Course.

No. The course is entirely online, and some students choose to work through the material on their own. However, few students are that self-disciplined. Almost all students select a package of tutoring lessons to ensure the greatest success possible in their chosen course.