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Personalized Tutoring.

Our experienced and supportive tutors work closely with their students to help them achieve the greatest academic success possible. There are no pre-set programs to follow. Tutoring sessions can include homework support, test preparation, number drills, worksheets, problem solving exercises, essay writing, essay planning, reading comprehension and enrichment activities all prepared in accordance with the student’s needs. Our students are always thrilled at the improvement in their academic skills and understanding after only a few sessions. And, as their test results at school improve, their confidence and self-esteem soars.

Tutoring hours can be used at any time, but the vast majority of students schedule a regular one-hour lesson with a regular tutor once or twice a week: For example, Wednesdays at 4 pm, or Sundays at 11 am. Our highly qualified tutors are available for all Mathematics courses, Science, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, English and Essay Writing.

There is no tax on any tutoring tuition. Unused lessons are fully refundable and transferable.

One Hour Tutoring Sessions
  • One Hour $75
  • 10 Hour Package $650
  • 15 Hour Package $900
  • 20 Hour Package $1120
  • 40 Hour Package $2080 (restrictions apply)
Two-Hour Tutoring Sessions

Two-hour tutoring sessions are also available on a pay-as-you-go basis. No minimum number of lessons need to be purchased, and you can come as often as you like. Two-hour tutoring sessions are a great way to catch up on homework, work on assignments or prepare for tests and exams, especially on the weekend 🙂

  • Two Hour Lesson  $104  (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Two Hour Lesson  $130 (Monday – Thursday)
Paired Tutoring

Bring a friend or sibling and take advantage of our great paired tutoring rates. Students can work on the same or different material if they like.

  • Two Hour Paired Lesson $140 (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Two Hour Paired Lesson $165 (Monday – Thursday)


We accept Debit, Visa and Mastercard.