High School Credits

Terrible math class? Earn a high school credit any time of the year, online.

High Park Academy offers high school credit courses through Virtual High School and Toronto eSchool – both online schools are recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Education. The credits earned are exactly the same as credits offered by any public or private school in Ontario. Students can sign up anytime and finish the course at their own pace.

Online courses are not administered by High Park Academy, and can be completed with or without tutoring support from High Park Academy Tutors.

Tuition for online courses: $339-$579

Many students prefer individualized instruction to stay focused and on track when working on an online course, and add a package of individual tutoring to their online course. Tutoring packages come in sets of 10 one hour lessons ($650), 15 one hour lessons ($900), 20 one hour lessons ($1120) or 40 one hour lessons ($2080). As always, tutoring sessions can be scheduled at the student’s convenience and can be distributed any way the student chooses – weekdays or weekends; one, two, or three hours at a time.

If students sign up with High Park Academy, we will be responsible for the registration, and all, if any, administrative issues that may arise throughout the course. We will also make sure that the students’ schools and OUAC receive their marks promptly.

For more information, text or call us at 416-533-6186 or email us at [email protected].